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Timber Staining or Liming

Customers want to stain their timber floor for the following reasons;


(1) Water damaged or rotten floor

(2) Unmatched floor colous between new floors and old floors

(3) Matching the colour between timber floor and furniture

(4) Boring of the floor colour

(5) Social trends


There are 3 types of Timber Stain


(1) Solvent based timber stain

    Common sanders are apply this staining because it is fast drying and easy to apply but we do not recommend this staining – results may be unsatisfaction.


(2) Water based timber stain

    This traditional dye staining has a more even colour spread compaired to other staining methods. The other advantages are fast drying and less smell than other staining methods. We recommend this type staining.


(3) Oil based timber stain

    This is a long lasting and deep timber penetrating method but the drying is slow and not recommended for large areas.


Quality staining services


With a wooden floor, you can choose your flooring color. We can make your existing floors have a new look, while being affordable with custom stains. We can help you find your desired color.  We use high quality product stains.


Goodday Floor offers a variety of staining options for your hardwood floors to create the look you wanted.


Call us today for more information about our services!