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Timber Floor Repairs

We are experienced in floor repairs and we can repair all levels of damaged floors.

Regardless of the type of damage your floors have suffered, we can help you restore your timber floors to its original condition. 

Replacing your floors does not have to be your only solution after they have been damaged. We have experience repairing all types of damage including: wall or closet removal, carpet or  vinyle floor removal, water damage, termites, and excessive wear.
We are servicing as followings;

  • o Excessively worn floors due to a large amount of traffics
  • o Scratched floors
  • o Split or cracked floors
  • o Squeaking or buckling floors
  • o Water damaged floors
  • o Floors damaged by termites
  • Customer wants to remove old floors and make a new floor.



Sample 1-1

Customer wants to remove this vinyl flooring.

















Sample 1-2

The floor has been removed but the condition was bad because joist direction was in crossed direction of the existing timber floor and some of joists are not strong.













Sample 1-3

Installed new timber floor in opposite direction after repairing some joists.
















Sample 2-1

Water damaged parquetry floor.
















Sample 2-2

Repaired and sandied
















Sample 3-1

Covered with chipboard floor and old cypress pine floor
















Sample 3-2


Removed chipboards and the underneath is showing joist timbers.















Sample 3-3


Installed new cypress pine timber.