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Old Baltic Pine floor sanding & finishing file

Water damaged old cypress pine floor boards refinishing file

Oiled old floor boards refinishing file

Removing black tar papers from timber floors and sanding file

Burnt, water damaged floors - sanding and finishing file

Refinishing wide plank floorboards file

Refinishing old baltic pine flooring file

Renovated house's wooden floor sanding file

Refinishing old stained hardwood floors with water based coatings file

Refinishing squeaky hardwood floors file

Two pack polyurethane finishes file

Sanding on renovating duplex kitchen and dining room file

Renovated house floor sanding file

New hardwood staircase sanding and finishing with water based matt file

Refinishing herringbone parquet floors file

Removed carpets floor and sanding file

Carpet removal cypress pine floor and sanding file

Refinishing worn softwood floors file

Refinishing floors with oil modified polyurethane file

Restoring old hardwood floors file

Worn refinishing pre-finished hardwood floors file

Sanding an old wooden staircase file

Expand kitchen floor into dining room file

Sanding wooden staircase railings, treads and risers file

Floor edger Sanding with vacuum cleaner file

Refinishing polyurethane floors with water based coatings file

Took off mosaic parquetry floorboards and sanding file

Old floorboards refinishing file

Finished with water based coatings file

Pre-finished kempass flooring Sanding and finishing file

Renovated cypress pine flooring sanding and finishing file

Outdoor deck sanding file

Scratched floorboards refinishing file

Refinished floorboards with polyurethane coatings file

Carpet removal and floor polishing file

Kitchen renovation sanding floor file

Removing Deep Scratches Floor file

Sun Room Sanding file

Carpet removal cypress pine floor file

Indoor Deck Sanding file

Floor Art Sanding file

Prefinished Timber Floor Sanding file

Mosaic Parquetry Sanding file

Extension House Sanding file

Carpet removal and hardwood floors refinishing file

Kitchen Renovation Sanding file

Stair Sanding and Finishing with Stain file

Renovation House Sanding file